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Mark Zaborney of WBGU 88.1FM puts IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME in his Top 10 list

Thanks to Mark for his support of It’s About Damn Time

The best jazz doesn’t have to come from a coastal metropolis — and often doesn’t. BG singer Morgen Stiegler’s CD came in at No. 2 on our latest Jazz Top 10. Detroit saxophonist/clarinetist Wendell Harrison was at No. 5. And just by chance, the No. 1 album was by the Falconaires. No relation to anything BGSU, though. It’s the U.S. Air Force Academy band.
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Mark Zaborney
jazz director

Jazz Top 10
The Falconaires (Sharing the Freedom)
Morgen Stiegler (Reaching for the Moon)
Alex Skolnick Trio (Veritas)
Charlie Apicella/Iron City (The Business)
Wendell Harrison (It’s About Damn Time)
Etienne Charles (Kaiso)
Giacomo Gates (Revolution Will Be Jazz)
Aimee Allen (Winters & Mays)
Jack Wilkins (Blue & Green Project)
Terri Lyne Carrington (Mosaic Project)

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Wendell Harrison to participate in a Tribe Reunion in Detroit

Wendell Harrison will once again perform with Phil Ranelin and Marcus Belgrave as part of a Tribe reunion.  The event is the closing show at Motor City Frequencies, sponsored by Red Bull Music Academy.  There will be a workshop featuring Harrison and Belgrave (as well as Detroit R&B great Amp Fiddler) on Friday, September 16 at 5pm.  The Tribe reunion concert will take place on Saturday, September 17 at 10pm.

Admission Motor City Frequencies is free, and is held at Flat 151, 151 West Congress, Detroit, MI, 48226.  For more information, visit the Red Bull Music Academy website.

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