Wendell Harrison’s new album “IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.”

This is a LIMITED pressing of 400 hand-numbered copies. Each 12″ LP includes a CD version of the album plus FOUR bonus tracks.  A digital download is also available.

Don’t miss the chance to own the long-awaited album from Tribe Records co-founder and Detroit Jazz Legend, Wendell Harrison.

Order from CD Baby
Order from eBay

Album Personnel:                                                                                  

Wendell Harrison – Tenor Sax
Vaughn Klugh – Guitar
Damon Warmack – Bass
Djallo Djakate – Drums
Gayelynn McKinney – Drums
Dan Schmatz – Percussion

Guest Vocalists:

Amp Fiddler – Love Juice
Linda Boston – Take Time Out

Track Listing:

Urban Expressions
The Wok
Love Juice
Where am I*
First Love*
Take Time Out
Lord Not Another Lover

 *CD Bonus Tracks


3 responses to “Order: IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME

  1. Audrey Davison

    May 22, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Already purchased the album sight unseen. Gotta support Brother Wendell, especially since he is with my home girl, Pam. Love you and miss you, Pam. Now that I have listened to the released tracks, I know I am going to love it and I can’t wait to receive my copy.

    Peace and Blessings,

    • margitproductions

      June 20, 2011 at 8:50 pm

      Your copy of the new LP/CD shipped out Saturday, 6/18. I hope you enjoy it!


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